Monday, 26 January 2015

Arithmetic Compound Assignment Operators

Java Arithmetic Compound Operator

Compound Assignment Operators in Java

               Java gives special operators to combine an arithmetic operator with an assignment and which is known as Compound Assignment Operator. This session describes how it works and its benefits.

Consider the following addition and subtraction statements,

                         a = a + 5;
                         b = b - 5;

These statements can be rewritten as follows with the help of Compound Assignment Operator.

                         a += 5;
                         b -= 5;

Compound Assignment operators are available for all arithmetic and binary operators.


General Form:

                        var = var op expression;

Compound assignment Operator Form:

                         var op= expression;


 General Form  Compound Assignment Operator Form
 a = a - 5;  a -= 5;
 a = a + 5;  a += 5
 a = a % 5;  a %= 5
 a = a / 5  a /= 5
 a = a * 5  a *= 5

Advantages of Compound Assignment Operators

          The Compound Assignment Operators are used by Java Professionals to attain two major benefits.

          1. Compound Assignment Operators are shorthand and saves a few letters every time when you type Java Code.

          2. It is efficient than its equivalent long form in some cases.


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